• pump sets


    Arison Gulf booster sets are very reliable and serve friendly in a complete hydro-unit system. They are expandable with all available options, to meet any requested installation, which is completely in agreement with the demands of the end-user. They are tailor made to all requirements.


    • Domestic
    • Water Transfer
    • Irrigation
    • Water Treatment
    • Fire
    • HVAC for ETS ( Chillers)
    • Water Supply
    • Boiler Feed
    • Sewage
    • DCP ( District Cooling Plant)

    Technical Advantages

    • Constant pressure with variable frequency drive
    • Energy saving up to 70%
    • Lower installation and assembly costs
    • Optimum process-control
    • Minimal electromagnetic compatibility influences
    • Energy saving and service friendly speed controlled boosters with motor integrated, or separated frequency converters

    Performance Range

    Tailor made for any head and flow