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    Samples provided below do not include all project references.

    Project Name

    Project Details

    Eco-Point Development at Al-Hidd, Saadiyat Island
    MEP Work for Irrigation, Sewage, and Lifting Pumping Stations
    Dismantling of Desalination Plant at Saadiyat Island
    Dismantling of Desalination Plant and Shifting to Client Facility at Saadiyat Island
    Green Diesel Project, TAKREER

    One 1185 KW /3.3 KV Diesel Pump and one 75 KW Booster Pump installed by Arison Gulf under steel shed ( 15x20x10m) in addition to containerized rooms for feeders and instrumentations inside Umm Al Nar Refinery
    Khalifa A City Irrigation Main, Abu Dhabi Municipality

    MEP work for 5 pumping stations of 20x10x14m and water tank of 5000 m3 including four 75KW pumps /ea and 16” main Headers and all fitting accessories, MCCs, etc…
    Total E&P Yemen: Kharir Power Plant, Technip- France
    1 containerized buildings ( 6x7x3.6m) complete with lighting, earthing, HVAC and fire and Gas Detection System

    Total E&P Yemen: Kharir Power Plant, Technip, France
    3 containerized buildings (24x6.6x3.6m) complete with lighting, earthing, HVAC, and Fire and Gas Detection System

    Fire Fighting Containerized Sets at Kharir Yemen, E&P
    Four 590KW Diesel Driven Water Fire Pump Sets ( UL/FM Listed and approved)locally assembled by AG inside a fire rated AO 20’ container/ea with 2 Jockey Pumps of 30 KW, CO2 Extinguishing system, Yokogawa F&G Panels
    DCP-Pearl of Emirates, TAMOUH
    36 chilled Water Pump sets( locally assembled with powers up to 1,563KW)
    Gasco Project above ground facilities for disposal
    MCC/ 5x250KW+ RTU+PFC
    58 luxurious villas at Khalifa city, AL Jaber

    116 sub. Sewage pumps and 116 Booster & Transfer water pump sets with vertical multistage SS Pumps for a villa complex
    Ain ElZarka. AL Ahmadiah
    19 electrical distribution panels, 2 SCADA system,one master PLC, 12 slave PLC,40km fiber optic and 25 control loops
    DCP Plants- Yas Island, Al Dar TABREED

    Supply for Makeup Water Pump Sets for several Yas Island DCP Plants( locally assembled sets up to 55KW electric motors)
    T-07 DCP Plant in Abu Dhabi
    Supply of 16 Chilled Water Pumps ( Split Case and End Suction) for several Energy Transfer Stations
    DCP at Al Rigga- Dubai Metro TABREED
    12 chilled water pump sets ( locally assembled with powers up to 450KW)
    Al Zorah Power Plant- Ajman
    66 KV, AIS, Transformers, Fabricated Containerized SU
    Fujairah DCP, TECHNIP
    Fabrication and Assembly of 6 chilled water sets of the split case vertical mounted type of 110KW
    TAL ADASS- Syria
    Revamping of big set oil pumping station
    Hassi Messaoud- Algeria
    Gas Booster/ 5.5 KV ,400V, Busducts, UPS and Offshore Containerized Substations